Technique Classes

Three approaches for making representational images are taught in a workshop format with all materials provided. Each week, three, three-hour workshop days will be dedicated to teaching a specific technique.

The lessons build on one another; they are all techniques that use flexibility and forgiveness to obtain a mastery of light and dark values, creating form, perspective and interesting compositions.  Projects not completed in a single class meeting can be continued to be worked on during the next class meeting - some students might choose to focus on one or two projects per week instead of all three projects. 

No class has a prerequisite, any class may be taken as a single project.

Pan Pastel still life with remote

Dry Media Ground

Students will learn how to work with a dry media ground in charcoal or pastel; and will practice drawing from life, still life, photographs, imagination or other sources. Creating light and depth through additive and subtractive methods will be practiced.

Creating illusion through this kind of back and forth of lights and darks into a middle ground is like creating an atmospheric world inside of a piece of paper. Shapes emerge from the second dimension through a painterly approach to pastel and dry media.

hollywood bowl painting

Water Soluble Oil Paint Ground

"Mock Grisaille" in Oil
The lesson of working within a ground extends itself to oil paints. Students will begin with a thin, monochrome layer of paint, working into the surface with additive and subtractive pressure and painting methods to create the illusion of form and depth. Students will learn about water mixable oil paints.

Frog Table

Clear Contact Paper

Students are taught how to create a 3-6 color painting on a sealed surface. Paintings are created by using the contact paper as a guide through the composition, sometimes as a stencil, with parts of the surface spared paint. The effect is a silk-screen look, tightly composed into the surface parameters.