Introductions, 2016


Introductions, 2016


Medium: Pastel on Paper
Dimensions: 51" x 70" 

The first in my series, Peacocks of Vista, Introductions shows a woman standing in a garden next to a peacock, who sits atop a rock; below the peacock is a squirrel, who shares some of the peacock’s intrigue with the woman – but is more comfortable a little further out on the edge of reach; and in the background, watching from a window, two cats watch the meeting in the garden happen.

At the time of creating this allegory, I wanted to cultivate a specific, technical facility: the peacock represented the spirit of mastering this skill – I wanted him to read as being something not-quite-wild, something that might either visit a person or not visit a person, depending on how well he is treated. He is not domesticated. He owns a prerogative.

Considering the peacock’s conditional companionship to be a median, the other animals offer the end points to a spectrum of emotional commitments. The cats are totally committed, mind and soul, in exchange for guaranteed food and shelter. The squirrel might or might not have a good year, independent of hand outs, depending on his own initiative and planning.

I enjoy the way that the allegory is distributed throughout the quadrants of the composition. Each quadrant is anchored by an element of the story.

This is a very large, mural-sized drawing in a limited pallet – while the scale is very impressive, the arrangement of neutral colors within the image integrates easily into contemporary, interior décor.

The purchase price of this drawing depends on framing. Within a driving radius of Vista, California, I can deliver and install this drawing, framed, for $3,000. Inside OR outside of the driving distance, it is best for me to sell this drawing unframed, for $2,000 delivering it rolled up into a tube via mail/FedEx. It can then be coordinated for the work to go directly to a framer in the same town as the purchaser.

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This is an example of a similarly scaled drawing, installed into an interior.