Patience and Plunder, 2016


Patience and Plunder, 2016


Patience and Plunder

51” x 70”

Pastel on Paper


$3,000 [framed]

$2,000 [unframed]

Based on real events, Patience and Plunder shows a peacock in the right place at the right time to gain some elevation to reach a bird feeder. Hopping all over flower flats in a wheelbarrow, the peacock is so focused on the bird feeder he is oblivious to anything outside of his plan.

A Black capped Chickadee waits his turn on the wheelbarrow handle as the attitudinal antithesis to the peacock. In the triangulation of Life-Spirit-Individual, either bird can represent Spirit as easily as either can represent the pathos of Life.  

Big with color, this drawing is beautiful in person. My favorite part are the polka dots on the gloves – next to the sizzling primaries and sun-glowing green, the mint dots on cool white give a softly patterned place to rest one’s eyes.

The purchase price of this drawing depends on framing. Within a driving radius of Vista, California, I can deliver and install this drawing, framed, for $3,000. Inside OR outside of the driving distance, it is best for me to sell this drawing unframed, for $2,000 delivering it rolled up into a tube via mail/FedEx. It can then be coordinated for the work to go directly to a framer in the same town as the purchaser.


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