Macadamia Mania, 2016


Macadamia Mania, 2016


51” x 70”

Pastel on Paper


$3,000 [framed]

$2,000 [unframed]

Macadamia Mania tells a story about a person relaxing and being casual, eating some nuts by a pool; when a peacock approaches - with a little bit of commotion - and wants some of what she’s having. There isn’t really any conflict, except for a harmless, egoist’s imposition partially eclipsing the person from the sun and perhaps from her afternoon plans.

The figure wears fashion jeans that have a rainbow embroidered across the front and down the leg; and across the back and down the leg. The nature of the phenomenon of rainbows is meant to underscore that the peacock is casting a shadow upon a person otherwise interested in sunshine. The rainbow embroidery moving in and out of shadow and sunshine represents the hope of metabolizing fluctuating conditions (good times/bad times; my turn;your turn).

In the corner, Mr. Peanut tips his hat and dances on a jar label. The recognizably of this icon represents a long game and faith in building a legacy. In the triangulation between the Individual, Life and Spirit, Mr. Peanut represents the Spirit element. The peacock’s demands represent Life.

The purchase price of this drawing depends on framing. Within a driving radius of Vista, California, I can deliver and install this drawing, framed, for $3,000. Inside OR outside of the driving distance, it is best for me to sell this drawing unframed, for $2,000 delivering it rolled up into a tube via mail/FedEx. It can then be coordinated for the work to go directly to a framer in the same town as the purchaser.


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