Black Swan, 2016

Black Swan.jpg
Black Swan.jpg

Black Swan, 2016


Black Swan

51” x 70”

Pastel on Paper


$3,000 [framed]

$2,000 [unframed]

As a figure suns herself and reads Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s The Black Swan, she looks up to notice a peacock helping himself to lemon water from a jug on the terrace above. IF there is anything to be thankful about in this situation, it might be that she hedged her bets previously by taking for herself a large glass of the water, which sits next to her on the lower level. Taleb’s book is about protecting market holdings against unforeseen circumstances by betting against the holdings – Taleb argues that betting that something bad will happen secures a long shot return in case everything else gets ruined.

The composition of this image is an A-frame, with the point descending from the top center of the image area to each lower corner; and a shorter, inverted, overlapping triangle connecting the bottom center point to centers of each side – the two triangles are like a Masonic square and compass arrangement. There is also a double-triangulation between the peacock, the figure, the book and the glass of water.

The purchase price of this drawing depends on framing. Within a driving radius of Vista, California, I can deliver and install this drawing, framed, for $3,000. Inside OR outside of the driving distance, it is best for me to sell this drawing unframed, for $2,000 delivering it rolled up into a tube via mail/FedEx. It can then be coordinated for the work to go directly to a framer in the same town as the purchaser.

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