Dry Media Ground

Students will learn how to work with a dry media ground in charcoal or pastel; and will practice drawing from life, still life, photographs, imagination or other sources. Creating light and depth through additive and subtractive methods will be practiced. Three projects are designed to deliver and practice the traditional rules of drawing within forgiving and expressive methods.

second opinion

Charcoal Ground

Students will create a charcoal ground that can be used over and over again for practice sketches and then a finished drawing. 

blue wave abstract.jpg

Mixed Pastel Abstract

A mix of materials will create an abstracted form by pushing the materials with pressure and alcohol as a medium. 


Pan Pastel

A new technology in art supplies, Pan Pastel is a low-dust, high-pigment compressed powder that is applied to the surface with special sponges. This project is a Pan Pastel painting on a colored paper ground - a few colors on the blue background create an image.