Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

An artist's non-art beliefs can manifest in their artwork abstractly. Within many of my paintings, the compositions and color schemes are set up into "rules" by which I challenge myself as I design the image. Those rules are born of the visual externalizations of control I try to impose into my daily life. 

The deeply held belief

Nobody is 100% good or 100% bad, being a good or bad person comes down to one’s motivations and ability to live a life by personal edicts; context and circumstance.

 The style

Very simply, a background color in a mid-value tone is joined by a light and a dark; and is occasionally accompanied by a contrasting mid-value and/or a metallic. The colors are flat and the forms are simply rendered in outline. The figures are always the same colors as the backgrounds: this commitment represents my partial disbelief in true, free will; and using contrasting lights and darks to bring forward and highlight clothes, furniture and atmosphere suggests my belief that “circumstances” boss the subconscious. Stripes and patterns, again, represent my disbelief in free will and belief that (without personal edicts) we live largely in patterns according to circumstances.