Design Services for Made-to-Order Soft Goods


Custom, bespoke creations are clean and beautiful when the source design is painted in gouache.


Commissioning me to create, design and paint your concept in gouache is formulaic and uncomplicated. Pricing is based on scale, level of detail and complication: a median price is $500 for a 12" x 16" painting like the one you see on this page. Estimates of time are approximately one week for three concept sketches, one week for pencil drawings, and two weeks for gouache paintings. Smaller scales and less complicated designs take less time and carry less cost. A radially repeating pattern might be produced as a single segment to conserve cost.Some repeating patterns may cost more.

Steps of process:

~ concept meeting, with a goal of discussing the idea enough for me to produce up to three concept sketches.

~ a concept is chosen and a deposit is supplied

~ a pencil line drawing of the planned, painted design is produced

~ the design is painted

~ the final image is digitally prepared for the next step of reproduction

~ you receive the painting and a digital file, plus assistance for production, if necessary. 

~ I am a wholesaler for 53" x 70" tapestries, a variety of apparel and upholstery fabrics, decals, window clings, floor coverings and other materials. When we use your design, we use my wholesale price for products. Pricing is often based on quantities. Future orders of the same design can be ordered through me for a service fee or through an account that I set up for you to order direct.